Are you ready for the main event? This is a match up between two heavyweights in the music division, The King of Pop Michael Jackson or the Ultimate mega-band featuring John Lennon, Paul McCarthy,  George Harrison, and Ringo Star. Both Micheal Jackson and The Beatles are International star but the debate is who is more popular, and before you say that both are from different eras, we want to settle once and for all who was the biggest star.


Why is that this is something we’re talking about? I bet some of you think it’s not even close, well for all of you who think that get ready for a shock because it’s a lot closer than you think. I recently surveyed a group of my friends/co-workers and the result was dead even  50% said The Beatles were more popular, 50% said Michael Jackson is the more popular artist. So many variable can be put in place on decided who was bigger but before we go any Further lets me tell you some of the argument I have heard.

Anyone can name a Michael Jackson song but not as many can name a Beatles song.

The Beatles had a bigger cultural impact than Micheal Jackson.

Michael Jackson had higher grossing tours.

The Beatles sold more records.

I can go on for days of all the different arguments I have heard; but the thing about any of these arguments is that none of them answer the question of Who’s the most popular.

Michael Jackson or The Beatles

Leave a comment down below saying who you think is more popular in why. I loved to hear you reasoning and responses



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  1. Rachid

    Definitely MJ! He is the greatest performer and singer ever. His music connected with everyone in the world.

  2. Christian

    I’m going with MJ. I have relatives in countries all over the world from here, to Ghana, to England, and they all talk about and love MJ. YES The Beatles were extremely influential, but MJ is the most popular entertainer of all time. Compare the amount of tributes, statues, etc that MJ has world wide compared to the Beatles, and that should say it all.


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