Top 25 Rap Songs of the 2000’s

 16. Ether/Takeover– Nas/ Jay-Z

Now we couldn’t put one over the other so they share a spot together. The biggest hip-hop beef between two of the most respected rappers of all-time. It started when Jay-Z through some shots at Nas on ‘Takeover’ and then Nas responded with a whole track aimed at Jay-Z with ‘Ether.’ Who won? Thats a question that many people still have different beliefs on all together.

Dope Lyrics: -“When these streets keep calling, heard it when I was sleep/ That this Gay-Z and Cock-A-Fella Records wanted beef“-Nas                                                                                                      -“2 of them shits was due, 1 was nah the other was Illamatic, That’s a one-hot-album-every-10-year average, And that’s so (lame)“- Jay-Z

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  1. Anonymous

    I like the list. I don’t agree though with “Soul Survivor” being on it. I found it interesting that you included “Hey Ya” as a rap song.

  2. Anonymous

    No Kanye West? Really? He deserves to be in the top 25 a couple of times and not just Honorable Mention.


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