taurus1My parents have been together for 30+ years. Now, while some of you think horoscopes have no say in the matter, I beg to differ. You see, two bulls, I mean Tauruses, fell in love about 34 years ago. It behooves many, even myself at times, how to two Taureans managed to fall in love. And stay there. Lucky for me, I was raised in love. This love. And after two decades, I can see how a love like theirs lasted… As well as how two Tauruses created two Virgos. It’s a special kind of recipe that few seldom master.


You know how they say a marriage is a union? Where two bodies becomes one soul? My parents are the living proof, and I say that not to brag, but in the humblest and most literal sense. You see, with both of them being Taureans, they make up for what the other lacks. “Where I am weak, she is strong. Where she is weak – which isn’t often – I am strong,” my dad once told me. So? Together, they are complete. (Please note: They were whole before they met, but as a unit, they are complete—there is a difference).


Growing up, I always always always admired just how hardworking my dad is. (Being that I’m a daddy’s girl, I am even guilty of being biased towards my dad). But, he’s a mailman and will walk up and down any and every hill, to every doorstep, in rain, sleet, extreme heat or snow, for miles and miles just so I can be secure. See, hard work doesn’t phase a Taurus man like my father because it got him what he wanted – a happy and secure family. From nothing to something, he and my mom never wanted us to know what “having nothing” felt like, which probably explains why the dynamic works as smoothly as it does; we always had structure which contributed to the strong sense of love and self they helped me cultivate. To a fault, one may even say. ‘Cause Lord knows I swear I’m the boss, but hey—never bossy. Heh.

taurus2But you know you’re a Taurus, or have been around one, when you are impeccable at managing money, men, and tasks [I hope my boyfriend doesn’t see that ;)] But really, though. Hashtag, Mommy taught me. Meanwhile, my dad taught me how to be hospitable and not to be too attached to the physical because what matters most (aside from family), isn’t tangible, hence why he is so giving. Like, I mean, this man will give you his wallet, the clothes off his back, the shoes off his feet, if you needed it. Whether its coincidence or not [note: I do not believe in coincidences], every Taurus I ever met, liked or disliked, is the exact same way…

You see, although I am a Virgo, I am proud to say the bull in me is very much alive which probably explains why my mom and I tend to bump heads. Or why I have such a strong connection with other Tauruses. & For that I am grateful, because it is rewardingly beautiful to be in the presence of someone who is so damn sure of themselves and their paths… Who is in no rush because they’re married to the present… Who has two worlds within them… A normal one as well as a spiritually enigmatic one. 

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