Today Amazon and Twitter Joined forces to produce #Shopping. You’re probably wondering what #Shopping is, well its a service where you can add an item to your amazon cart directly from Twitter. All you have to to do is connect your Amazon account to your Twitter account and reply to a tweet from Amazon that has the product that you want and reply #AmazonCart. Amazon uses the slogan “Add It Now, Buy It Later.” to promote what they want to accomplish.




This changes the shopping game because this is the first of it’s kind and it can only get better. Right now all you can do is add to cart but in the near future there may be a feature that allows you to check out a product directly from twitter. Imagine if Nike adopted this and when one of their Limited Twitter Releases happen all you have to do is reply #Nikecart and it goes straight to your cart and you don’t have to go through the annoyance of going to the website and being stuck in an Internet queue or the website crashes. This feature lets you skip what I call the “Internet Lines”.

Imagine this feature on Instagram you see a product you like from your favorite store and just reply in the comment #AddCart wouldn’t that be convenient to add it to your shopping cart without even leaving Instagram.

Amazon goal was to make Twitter a retail outlet. So many people are on Twitter so the #Shopping is a good way to generate more sales. Soon you’ll see even the smallest online business using this feature. We live in an age where new technologies are discovered everyday, Today we have #Shopping but can you Imagine what we’ll have in the world tomorrow?

Comment Below what you think of this feature and Tell me what you’ll like to see in the future.

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