Eye am not here to make you into a believer of Zodiacs, buuuut for those of you who do not “need” convincing…


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For my readers who are a Pisces, or know a Pisces… Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure a lot of the following applies:

–       Indecisive

–       Open-minded in your work and life

–       Daydreaming enthusiast

–       Artistically sophisticated

–       Kind-hearted… Maybe even too kind-hearted.

–       A yes (wo)man.

–       Intuitive, yet moody.

–       Introspective, yet restless.

–       Progressive, yet unrealistic; a little too chill.


Could this be said for any individual, regardless of their zodiac sign? Sure, but that’s not to say that this doesn’t offer human insight.


Am I advising you to let Horoscopes control the way you live?

Hell no.


mermaid reflectionThat’s the last thing I want you to do. What I am acknowledging is the undeniable fact that zodiacs effortlessly tap into our subconscious standards that are upheld by any and every member of society. How? Because of collective consciousness [a set of shared beliefs, ideas + morals that unify us as a society; off some “together we stand, divided we fall” type shit]


You see, there’s something special about Pisces season… Something that sets it especially apart from the rest: it’s the final sign of the zodiacal cycle, making it the “ending of the beginning.” Which is funny because making an end leads to making a beginning… So in essence, the end is where we start, something I learned from one of my favorite artists, Joan Miro. Like waves that

end and begin… begin and end…

Carrying water from everywhere, refusing no member of the network of rivers, lakes, and streams, the Pisces is the spiritual origin of the psyche.

Flowing with it is a season of selflessness, for everyone, not solely Pisces. Let it serve as a meditative focus as you turn inward to hone and own your purpose. That’s all this life really is about anyways, right? Progressing on your unique journey, loving yourself and life every step of the way. Now I’m not saying this so you can wait anxiously by the clock, but it is predicted that on Sunday at 1:11pm EST, The Sun will join forces with Neptune (the ruler of Pisces). Together, the pair can drum up a tremendous sense of emotional and physical sensitivity, but equally creative outbursts. Of course it can get overwhelming, so its important to take heed, stay centered and most importantly, open. Neptune’s influence usually equates to a more enhanced sense of empathy and putting others before the self as aforementioned and Lord knows we need more of that circulating in the Universe.

So if you find yourself rockin’ this boat, keep etched in your mind that your inner self can etch its own mark on the outer self, and ultimately, the world you are embracing… And as for the dreams that come into fruition? Well those… Those become your instrument to perfect and play.


Speaking of music, something to leave you with—An Ode to 26 Years of Sexy. [ Music hasn’t looked better 😉 ]






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