Lil Wayne has fell off from the upper tier class of best MCs doing it right now. And when I say fell off, I mean FELL OFF! Wayne’s fall from the top might be the biggest fall we have ever seen in rap. It was so bad that I can’t even compare it to something in Hip Hop. He fell off as bad as Gilbert Arenas post 2007, Steve Francis’s age defiers, or Adam Sandler’s movies. However, where Rebirth killed him, another rebirth might actually save him.

Wayne in 2009 was at the top of the world. He had just released the commercial and critically successful Carter III, and was one of the most accepted rappers when it came to “Who’s the Best Rapper Alive!” argument. He had created the most respected hip hop label in Cash Money which boasted the talents Drake and Nicki Minaj and he was at the front of it. He also had carved his name into some of the Mount Rushmore’s of Hip Hop MCs. And then came Rebirth! Rebirth, Wayne’s experimental Rock/Rap album, was his seventh studio album and first of a couple of bad projects to come. Rebirth wasn’t the worst album ever but it was the transition into a “New Wayne.” See, “New Wayne” was the introduction into horrible/bad taste lyricism, a fixation on radio hits, and bad song choices. After Rebirth, Wayne released I Am Not a Human Being (2 thumbs down), Tha Carter IV (2 thumbs down), and in 2013 the album that shall not be named I Am Not a Human Being II (every thumb down in the Hip Hop community). I Am Not a Human Being II  was Spongebob’s Rock Bottom and every cheesy metaphor that goes with how far Wayne fell from the top.

Fast forward the beginning of this year, and Wayne’s on-the-fence fans have dispersed. Even his core fans are no longer arguing a best in the game argument for the rapper. However, his fans still hold out hope that they can maybe still get at least one last taste of the rapper who gave us Tha Carter one through three, Dedication 2, Da Drought 3, and The Drought is Over 2.

Then May 2014 came and gave these fans hope of a “Rebirth.” Lil Wayne released the first single off the anticipated Carter V, titled ‘Believe Me,’ featuring Drake. And it was good! Wayne for the first time in a while spit some quality bars, had a nice flow on the song, and implemented the help of a good feature for the track. It was the first really good Lil Wayne song in a couple of years. And then, like opening another unexpected great gift on Christmas morning, Lil Wayne a couple of weeks later released the song D’usse. And guess what, it was really good again. FINALLY, a sign of hope and maybe a light at the end of the tunnel in getting a good Lil Wayne album? I mean could it really be the Carter V? Only time will tell but so far, this looks like the best shot at getting a quality album out of the former great MC.

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