Queen Bey Wants To Ban The “B” Word, Do You?

Nope… Not that “b” word.


The word “bossy.”


729063d2bb3c6d03b37de9446772c6bbGirls Scouts alongside the likes of Beyonce, Jennifer Garner, Sheryl Sandberg, my faaaavorite, Condoleeza Rice -_- are all taking a stand for once and for all, in the name of every babygirl ever disrespected by being called “bossy…”  *yawns* I mean, honestly… I don’t know how I feel about this. Of course, my first reaction is, “Wait… If Beyonce is cosigning it… I should, too… Right?” Just kidding… Kind of… But seriously. I understand that glass ceiling probably will forever loom above our heads. Some things we can’t argue, we just have to accept [unfortunately] and yes, we should not have to. I also understand that more often than not, when a man is assertive, he’s taking accountability and probably praised for standing tall and assuming the role of a true leader. Meanwhile, if a woman decides to be assertive, it’s misconstrued for bossy, as she always wants things her way, on her time. Is that fair? No, of course not. But is that an excuse to let women (1) be discouraged as a leader because she’s called bossy and (2) ultimately learn how to play—and abuse—the  “victim” role at an early age and later (3) become a pain to be around because she’s overbearingly domineering?

In my perspective, too often we as women think we have to be bossy to be a boss. But in all actuality, that’s not the least bit warranted. We don’t realize that we can command the attention of a room without being bossy, but unfortunately, you can’t take a class for that.


Nor do I think “banning” the word “bossy” is empowering for women. Timeout. Does anyone else besides myself find bossing people around to “hashtag” BAN bossy to be a bit hypocritical? No? …I’m comatose.


Norrrrrrr do I think banning a “word” is the best tool for our future women leaders who will need to learn how to compete in the real, working world. Think about it… Monitoring & now regulating speech that I’m pretty sure is free, is more damaging than it is empowering.


Man, where in the actual HELL is Kelis when you need her?


For old time’s sake, one time for her!

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