dirty laundry

  1. The “work” in the relationship that shouldn’t feel like work… Suddenly does. That energy invested in strings of emojis and tweets that “get your point across” could actually be invested in your significant other where you can be CERTAIN that your point is reached. With twitter… Well, that shit ultimately just falls on deaf ears.
  2.   “I know you think it’s funny that your ex isn’t a running back, but that n***a came running back…” Here comes your ex thinking this is his cue to right his wrongs. Hashtag, Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  3. You literally look crazy and an unstable creature (word to Sweet Pea). One minute y’all are drunk in love and the next, you’re plotting his demise. It’s not healthy, loves.
  4. You get entangled in (and on) the web by trying to maintain your love just for likes.
  5. You don’t want your inner circle and the person in charge of protecting your heart bumping heads because of something you said online… That’s just unnecessary tension.


Still don’t believe me? Here’s a few celebs who have dabbled in the “art” of airing out dirty laundry online and were still left with a mess: (See next page)

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