Do you seem to get an onslaught of unwanted comments on your Instagram posts? Are your DMs inundated with carefully constructed sexual advances disguised in poetic rhetoric? Or maybe you’re still getting pokes on Facebook… (Yikes)

Now, this may be the case even if you don’t put yourself or your business “out there,” because people are more likely to be “thirsty” (which is a conversation for another day)… But let’s be honest… Everybody knows social media platforms have armed us with courage we wouldn’t typically have in real-life situations. But let’s just say for argument’s sake… You have a significant other, yet you’re still receiving some type of undesired attention- whether it is the aforementioned, or not… Chances are, you’re showing too much and the opposite sex (or same) is enticed by what they see.

By that I mean, they wanna see you and your relationship on the rocks because that means they can inch their way in with a raft + life jacket and possibly offer a place of “refuge,” free of boulders and harm…  Now where does that leave you? Well, now you’re a rock in a hard place… Literally.

Of course, not everyone is tryna “wreck a happy home” (I know, I know… A happy home can’t be wrecked and if so, it wasn’t happy in the first place) nor is that an attitude I suggest you uphold, but there are people who just don’t want to see you happy (Geez, I sound like such a pessimist), but in this case…

“It’s more attractive when you hold it down.”

 & When you’re doing what you’re supposed to do, you don’t have to speak on it… The results you produce do all the talking. By all means, vent if you feel compelled to—that’s partially what Twitter’s for. I’m just reminding you that is ENTIRELY what your inner circle for. Why  set yourself up for judgment when you can find peace and solace by confiding to your beloveds? NO FILTERS, PEOPLE. Maybe that’s what the problem is… The idea of “no filter” planted in our heads have sprouted up overgrown mango trees bearing lemon…  Pictures don’t need a filter, and neither does YOUR reality. But your online presence, though it should be an accurate portrayal of you, it is kind of like tattooing art on your body—its etched there… Forever. There’s no “undo.” You can delete your cookies, but… Uncle Sam has already got his hand in the cookie jar. And that cute guy you were twatching? Yeah, he probably is turned off now by you complaining about your current complex relationship, or lackthereof. Why? Because that’s what he would have to look forward to.

If I were you, I would keep it tasteful because tact goes a long way. Not to mention, I would hate to know something EYE said was used against me or my relationship. You see… Its not just “me” anymore… It’s “WE.” There’s no time to be selfish and fulfill some petty desire brewing and boiling in your blood just because you want to “get back at” your current love interest. Unsubscribe from “revenge porn” and get out of your own way!

Because if you don’t… (See page 2 below)

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