First day of school and the “new kid” grabs a tray of lunch to eat. It’s every new kid’s conflict, “Where do I sit?” As he goes to sit, he passes by the popular kids table and grabs the empty table where nobody is sitting. But instead of him focusing on what everyone else is doing, he sits and eats his lunch, alone, paying no mind to anyone. He maintains the mindset that if he “EATS” and carries on, with time he too can join the table.

Isaiah Rashad is the new kid at TDE. Just signed last year, he is trying to shine in a label that might be the hottest in the rap game today. The popular kids you ask, well that will be Black Hippy: Kendrick Lamar (you know, had that little project good kid m.A.A.d city), Ab-Soul (Black Lip Pastor) , ScHoolboy Q (owner of the most wanted album release in recent memory), and Jay Rock (The All of My Life rapper). With their self-given title as “Hip hop’s most dangerous crew,” one might say they’re the new school NWA. With that being said, Rashad has to live up to his new label mates but also make his self at home.

“I think I found my second home Sunny California”

Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Isaiah Rashad initially wanted to become a preacher shortly after his father had left him, his brother, and his mom. But it was his brother who left an OutKast ATLiens album that shifted his perspective to rap. He started to rap and build a little buzz to where he got to go on tour with popular rappers Juicy J, Joey Bada$$ and Smoke DZA. Labels would show interest but for Rashad, the feeling wasn’t mutual. Then Top Dawg came knocking at the door and Isaiah knew that he finally found a place he could call home. The signing was made official on September 20, 2013 where he would then consequently move to Los Angeles. It was on October 15th where still the fairly unknown rapper would debut at the BET Hip-Hop Awards during the TDE cypher with his fellow TDE mates.

“Ain’t trying to be no freshman I’m chilling, cause they’ll bring a knife to the fight, and not kill ‘em,”

Isaiah Rashad could be everyone’s new favorite artist. His Cilvia Demo released on January 28, 2014,  lived up to the hype. With stand out tracks like “Ronnie Drake,” “Heavenly Father,” and “Shot You Down (Remix),” Rashad brings a very smooth feel to his raps and songs. He flows over fourteen well-produced tracks that you can vibe to, or as he mentioned, you can listen to Cilvia Demo at 6pm when you’re hanging with your boys or 6am as you’re coming back from the night before. His lyrical content is very introspective and filled with clever wordplay. Cilvia Demo definitely lives up to the newfound hype that Rashad is getting. It’s definitely one of the best debut albums from the TDE family like “Overly Dedicated” or “Setbacks.” This could be the young rapper’s breakout year and chance to be able to sit at the popular kid’s table.


So tell me, How do you feel about Isaiah Rashad? Did you like Cilvia Demo? Is he the breakout rapper of 2014?

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