Love Won’t Keep the Lights On.

So remember when I posed the question, “Is Crazy the New Sane?” Well maybe those talents can be taken elsewhere… [No, not to South Beach]


But it donned on me… That a woman’s “crazy” can actually be channeled into something extremely productive and positive: a career. Its imperative that we do the things that looks good on paper. In many ways, finding a partner is like finding a job. Just like a man, when a job recruiter likes what he/she sees on your resume and is seduced by the talk you talk, you can expect a call back… Ya know, to see what you’re working with and if they’d like to work with it 😉 But just because the recruiter is getting to know you, doesn’t mean you don’t reserve the same right. & Cyber stalking is only the beginning…


For instance. In lieu of stalking your man (or a prospect), stalk an internship or a job to find the perfect match. & To think checking up on his Facebook, (and his exes’) taught you how to discern what exactly constitutes your “best fit.”


Speaking of exes… Many men and women would consider an ex to be an enemy. But why? You won him/her over already, that’s half the battle right there. Think of an ex as a tool… (lol, peep the double entendre?) But seriously. An ex is a tool in the sense of what not to do in your relationship with this person. Hell, the exes even offer insight about your potential significant other, probably revealing more than the first date did. I say all that to say, former teachers, employees, employers, mentors, etc. can offer a wealth of knowledge that a new employer would and could never do up front. *Please note: Don’t accept this knowledge as fact immediately because remember: “You aren’t the only one tryna be the only one.” Conduct research of your own and arrive at your own truths.


rottenecard_71001050_wqnj68f76zFurthermore, interviews – and I think this goes without saying – are a lot like the first date… Dressed to impress, perfect posture, your 12+ years of grammar accumulated throughout grade school and college are finally put to use… But all that subsides once the deal has been sealed and the job is yours. So for those of you still listening to Lil’ Wayne about not getting too comfortable… You can stop now. Ignore the “three day rule” and e-mail your employer thanking him for the opportunity. The message alone can alter a manager’s opinion of you and you can ultimately find refuge and solace in knowing that your guard can be let down and strength and wisdom can be gathered during this journey ahead—in love, or not. Of course, there will be times when the chemistry just isn’t there. And if its not the absence of chemistry, its just not what you’re looking for and vice versa. If you kept the manager waiting too long, or you just weren’t enthused with what they had to offer, there’s absolutely no point in going nowhere fast. That just means you’re onto the next one! (If you can avoid it, don’t settle! You deserve an internship or job that makes you happy in all ways, always)


cheeseOften times, in love, and out of it… We have to reevaluate ourselves and differentiate wants from needs. I think we all can agree on wanting stability and longevity in a relationship and that doesn’t make you materialistic in the slightest… It makes you realistic. Similarly, you will seek out the job that will give you the best benefits to weather any financial storm.


I mean yeah, Charlie Wilson’s right about being in love is good for your health and all, but so is being happily employed. After all, love won’t keep the lights on.

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