I think I speak for everyone when I say my generation especially has lost patience with just about everything. In lieu of reading books, we surf through Netflix to catch up on the latest episode of Scandal (guilty). If a website takes more than six seconds to load, we keep it movin’ (guilty). In lieu of being resourceful, we’ll dispose of things that are in perfect condition. In lieu of listening, we tweet through it.When Concords get stolen, we replace em because God forbid we can’t wear them in the selfie we were planning to ask our boo thang to post as their #MCM or #WCW.  When in doubt… Take a selfie. Literally. Like is that painfully hard and boring to be alone in our own company? …That we have to take a pointless picture of ourselves to get a bunch of likes from people who probably wouldn’t lend you a shoulder to cry on if some shit that actually matters were to go down?


When something comes along that’s newer than some new shit we just spent half our refund check to have, our first instinct is to replace + upgrade. *cue Beyonce* Some may argue that I’m throwing shade when the fact of the matter is, I love Apple. As a matter of fact, I’m a loyal Apple customer. I’m typing this post via MacBook. But I also love knowing that I can live without it… And have.


I’m just saying, technology should be progressive (and it has been) but it should have no say in our relationships unless it involves instant connectivity. But, I can’t help but notice the perpetual distraction it arouses amongst each other.  Like, I don’t know about y’all but it really kills me when families can’t have a meal together without being on their phones (I, too, kick myself for being guilty of this at times). So, really… I wanna know… Just how connected are we? Because it appears as though we’re so disconnected with the present tryna connect with what’s happening next. If you haven’t noticed, too much of ANYTHING is n e v e r advantageous.


Patience & restraint is fleeting as technology evolves. But you’d think as we are given more and more choices daily, why is it that we so often find ourselves overwhelmed with choice? How is it that we’re still. not. happy?


Unsubscribe from impatience and negativity, which is far easier said than done when everyone & their mama is spoiled with choice. But am I really the only one who can’t help but think that sometimes with the rapid advancements in technology, that we’re losing chunks of tradition and values along as a result? I know I can’t be reaching because think about it… So many of us rather just live with a significant other, rather than get married and have a family. So many of us don’t even want kids. We just wanna play all day – on tablets or with Google glasses or on the pornhub mobile app that just got unlimited views (which is pretty cool if you ask me, but you didn’t so whatever).


In lieu of living life like a movie… We’re living life in short scenes; because our attention span can only handle but so much. Instant gratification suddenly takes precedence over rewarding patience. Meanwhile, we forget that patience is the root of all things meaningful. Isn’t that what we all want out from and in life? Meaning? I mean, it’s those [choppy] waves you hit everyday like you’re Hawaiian – word to Jigga – that teaches you how to play in the sand.


Everyone wants to be in love. But no one cares to know how to love. Well, that’s silly. Because we can’t act in love if we don’t know how to recognize it (which is a whole different animal for a different day). But in this super connected world, we’re kinda sort of tip-toeing along the lines of forgetting what it means to cultivate a true connection and give birth to love. Which sometimes requires us to practice tolerance… Tolerance of what traits make us human as opposed to thinking we’re flawless avatars on our Mac screen.

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