Have you ever wished you can sit back and relax and just let your car drive itself to its destination. Well this new development by Google just made your dream a little closer to reality.

Although Google recently released the prototype to their version of a self driving car. This isn’t the first time the world has seen a self driving car. Universities like Carnegie Mellon and Stanford University has been developing autonomous cars for year now. The difference between any self driving car we’ve seen Google has designed their car with No Steering Wheel No Gas Pedal and No Brakes.It was designed as a car never meant to have a driver. The only controls the car have are Stop and Go buttons.

Google designed the car to have a friendly appearance so it gives of a safe vibe.In a interview with Recode.net Chris Urmson Director of the Self Driving Car Project explained it as

“We definitely would like the vehicle to appear friendly. When you look at the front grill of any car, there’s a lot of thought put into that shape and what kind of emotion it shows. Many of them look like faces. In our case we wanted to find something that’s very Googley. It’s friendly, it’s kind of cute.”

You can read the rest of the Interview here.


Right now the car is in its testing phase so the car is capped out 25 mph. The car will also feature 2 sets of back up steering and brakes just for safety incase of any malfunction that can happen.

Google hope to release more test vehicles this summer but don’t get you hopes up the car is still not ready to be sold so be on the look out for any new information on this new development.

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