Is Gender Equality A Myth… Or Nah?

“Not everyone is happy to bow down to Beyonce.” “Beyonce is not a role model.” “Beyonce is being a feminist just for record sales–“

Hol’ up.

Last time I checked, Beyonce’s strong suit was not acting  so I don’t really believe that she’s being a fake feminist. I do, however, believe that she is willingly rejecting the title of “feminist” and for whatever reason, this means that her investment in female independence and empowerment is instantly negated. People are quick to knock her because she doesn’t want to single-handedly shackle herself to a label when the only “label” she is obligated to is “mother” of her beautiful and healthy baby girl, and “wife” of her counterpart, Jay Z.

yonceForbes Magazine even insisted on saying REACHING by implying that Beyonce now condones domestic violence because she rapped along to her husband’s metaphoric use of “Eat the cake, Anna Mae” in reference to Ike & Tina… I’m just gonna let y’all sit on that one for a second & let it marinate.

Because “cake” in the Hip Hop community doesn’t mean a nice, plump derriere? Oh.

Because opening up sexually to her husband’s sexually insinuating line equates to her dismissing human rights, especially for women? Oh.

I say all this to say… Feminism is becoming a phenomenon as superficial as their opposition– whether they’re racist, masochistic, chauvinistic, etc. They started out wanting equal rights and went on the illest power trip. The scales cannot balance if they’re outcasting women who are good to their husbands, or embracing their sexuality. I mean… How much can one possibly sing about sisterhood?

Bottom line is… The feminist community cannot expect to achieve equality when they are only empowering women to be small-minded. We are human before we are women. Why not focus our energy on celebrating each other & working towards equality for each other? Complaining about sex selling and they hold the largest stock…

***& Not to delve too much into politics, but if the FLOTUS’ Michelle Obama’s approval as a role model for her young daughters isn’t enough testament to her character, I don’t know what is– not to be misconstrued with my stance on parents, teachers, etc. should be our role models before anyone else, but yeah.

Too many of us rather read too much into lyrics rather than reading a book but there are things to be learned from artists like Beyonce’ and that’s to embrace your[self], & not succumb to the labels that society tries to force upon you.

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