Looking For Free Things To Do In The Rotten Apple?

sadderday8“Life is a box of… Crayons?”

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a firm believer in the saying, “The best things in life are free.” With that being said, museums and galleries are a girl like me’s best friend… Especially free ones.

Thus, I’m always searching high and low for new exhibits and installations and that’s when I found Anton Kern’s… Ya know, the one who does all the nifty light sayings? Even if you don’t, you can see below but what was particularly amazing about my entire adventure was the way it unfolded. After living in NYC, you realize that the normal way of life is just that… Walking into new experiences without having to do much looking. Its like the adventure was looking for you all along. And although it is the “norm,” you never really get used to it as it is just as beautifully revitalizing as the first time.

So in my little “day of solitude,” I was reminded just how magical the entire block of W 24th St & 10th Ave really is. Like literally. The entire block. Don’t believe me? Check out some photos below (be sure to make it full screen).

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