vday1Let the records show that I understand and acknowledge wholeheartedly that Valentine’s Day is yet another commercial holiday and your lucky lady probably agrees that it is pure hype… However, I say that to d e b u n k the myth that you should skip Valentine’s Day off that premise alone. If you’re gonna take that route, in lieu of ‘skipping’ the day altogether, perhaps you can celebrate another day in the week– but please be weary: if she doesn’t initiate the day-change, she might think you’re tryna play her for the side chick (so don’t say I didn’t warn you). Not to mention, I don’t think many girls are going for the “I show you I love you everyday” spiel this year either. Now, if you decide to stick the course… Well, here are ten things listed to ensure that you make this Valentine’s Day the most memorable one …In the best way. Don’t be that guy who ruined Valentine’s Day. Make your moms proud. (Hint: Please don’t forget to show the woman who brought you into this world your appreciation, too, considering she was your first love & all)

9. DON’T get her gift cards… You’re not her dad… & Even then, I’m pretty sure even her dad would be unimpressed. And Lord knows that you don’t want to get on that man’s bad side.


Instead: Buy or make your own (DIY is apparently the new wave) coupon book– & by that I mean, a sort of compilation of “freebies” and “discounts” that your lady can use to keep you occupied for months… Its a win-win. Trust.

8. DON’T have her wearing her heart on her sleeve. In other words– we don’t wanna see heart-patterned clothing on a grown woman, let alone ourselves.

Instead: If and only if there is some divine power within you that is compelling you to buy her heart-covered clothing, make it thigh-high socks, panties, and/or bras.

7. DON’T get her roses. They’re overpriced + overdone.

Instead: Save that money and put it towards something more thoughtful and unique to her… Also, I bet if you do a little digging, you might learn that her favorite flowers aren’t roses after all, but something prettier + cheaper.

6. DON’T take her to McDonald’s. While I know some of you are reading this thinking, “Well, obviously. That’s a no-brainer…” But sadly, there are also some of you thinking, “My girl knows times are hard, AND she’s low-maintenance and loves her some 10pc McNuggets.” Um. No. No girl loves McDonald’s that much to want to be taken there to spend Valentine’s Day. Don’t be lured into the candelit-dinner Mickey Dee’s is tryna trick you into treating your girl… She deserves more than that.

Instead: If she can’t cook, take a cooking class [try groupon] together.If she’s always chef’ing it up for you, make her her favorite meal.

5. DON’T get her body oils. She’ll be getting plenty of that from her homegirls anyway.

Instead: Opt for a couple’s massage [again, try groupon] They have amazing deals; and if there’s a Massage Envy near you… I highly recommend it!

4. DON’T propose to her. Just… No.

Instead: Get her some nice jewelry. A Marc Jacobs watch. A turquoise ring with gold trim. Whatever she’s into or whatever you would love to see your girl in. Or both.

3. DON’T drunk dial/text your ex. Regardless of whether or not you and your girl find yourselves amidst a lover’s quarrel, or y’all got drunk in love & she fell asleep on you first… Don’t. Do. It.

Instead: Just delete your ex’s number while we’re on the subject.

2. DON’T break up with her today. Have a heart.

Instead: Really, there is no ‘instead.’ Geez, the 15th is only a day away. I think your pockets can handle something simple to lessen the blow that she has no idea is gonna hit her the next day.

1. DON’T get her pregnant, unless she wants you to… But even still. She could be drunk in love, as aforementioned, but only for the moment and sobered up, ehh… I can bet my bottom dollar she probably still wants to wait awhile… Word to Janet Jackson.

Instead: Be safe.


If you’re stumped on things to get her… I know a personal favorite of mine that I promise couldn’t steer you wrong in any way is: a collection of Pablo Neruda’s love poems. He is my favorite for a reason & if you’re having trouble finding the words that can speak to her soul, I guarantee he will. He, like love, never fails.


Again, I know Valentine’s Day is just another day on the calendar and yet no one can seem to remember to forget that it is centralized around making companies like Hallmark profit moreso than it is actually about the spreading, appreciating, and preserving of love…

With that being said, its one day that she can actually get away with being spoiled, even if she already is thanks to you. But think of it as your time to show off and make her proud that she can call you her man. This is in no way me advising, or even recommending, you to show ‘out’ & spend tons of money you don’t have; because that’s not what will sustain your relationship. If you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do — celebrating the love + little things shared between you two everyday — there won’t be many more shared Valentine’s Days, or any holidays, in the future. Keep in mind who holds your heart, this day, and always.


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