Our Favorite Faces of Yesterday Still Shaping Our Tomorrows.

In a society that is so consumed by the instant-nature of today’s technology, its easy to get tangled up in the mechanical wilderness more often than not… So tangled up that we forget to take a minute for ourselves… Seldom do we ever use our time to reflect and that is one of our biggest problems: failing to realize, acknowledge, and honor where we came from and how we got here. Not just for Black History Month, but for tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day… I’d like to take a moment to get reacquainted with black icons who rewrote history without a pen and graced the cover of well-renown magazines.


10. Whitney Houston | JET Magazine | August 1985

whitney houston

Even before People Weekly saw it… JET did. & By ‘it,’ I mean Whitney Houston’s “IT” factor. Not only did she effortlessly climb her way to the top of stardom (and charts) in ’85, but she easily became the voice of the 80s.

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