All our lives, we’ve heard about the thrill of the chase and playing hard to get. But no one ever told us we should be hard to keep. Aries, however, got this covered for they know how to keep and be kept. Especially the men.  Take it from me who is currently in a relationship with one. Together with their brash behavior and bold nature, and not to mention their jovial soul whose embers long to burn with desire, Aries are more than just eligible bachelors. Its almost as if their blood stream is composed of the same water that flows in the Fountain of Youth… And I don’t know about you, but I want to be, or at least  f e e l young forever. *cue Jay-Z*

1) Do:

Be a verb and let your actions speak volumes because you’re gonna want to keep up with the Aries man. You see, Aries men grab life by the horns, so to speak…


Don’t be afraid of adventure and novelty. Aries like to take control as well as take the lead, but he cannot lead the faint of heart.

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2) Do:

I’m sure most of you have heard, “She was the perfect combination of sexy and cute.” Yes? No? Well regardless, Aries men want you to bat those pretty brown eyes and show a little skin for him, and only him. Aries men don’t want to feel like he’s sharing you with the world – so that also means cutting back on the selfies.


Don’t berade others just because they aren’t as intellectually sophisticated as you are. Yeah, he may live to have mental intercourse with you, but please believe he will be turned off with the quickness if he only sees you putting down others being the sucker for the underdog that he is.

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3) Do:

Go toe-to-toe [from time to time] with the Aries men because they love to be challenged. Don’t start a petty fight, but if you’re passionate about something that he doesn’t agree with, be vocal about it. Why? Because this will peak your Aries’ utmost interest and most importantly, his inner need to dominate the situation. Something about arguing with their women is intoxicating for them… Maybe its your ability to defend yourself, or wit. Or both. *shrugs* I can’t call it. All I know is his libido is sparked and you’re instantly stuck in his head.


Insensitive criticism is the illest buzz kill. Virgos, like myself, must take heed to this. Sometimes we don’t realize it but we can be a little overbearing with our critiques. You’re tryna stroke his ego, not your own.

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4) Do:

Forgive & forget. Seriously. Aries men don’t hold grudges, and you shouldn’t either. Seriously. You’ll look dumb as fuck and feel even dumber.


Don’t be jealous of his past, nor should you ever try to compete with it. Remember, when an Aries man is committed, he will loyally remain by your side.

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5) Do:

Do the things you enjoyed doing before you entered a relationship with the Aries man because he certainly will do the same thing.


Don’t be afraid to be alone from time to time. Its not that he’s shy about giving and/or receiving love, the Aries man quite simply just appreciates your personal time and space and will make sure you indulge in it.


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