gemini1The first thing that comes to mind when you hear Gemini is “two sides.” Which rings true in more and better ways than you think. Being that they have two sides, it’s easier for them to see situations from two sides, making for great, witty friends. Some of my favorite cousins and a few of my dearest friends are Geminis. Granted, more often than not, I’m usually loving them from a distance but loving them nonetheless because there’s something about Gemini’s that is so damn …Gravitational.



“When Gemini’s are good, they are attractive.

When they are bad, the are very attractive.”


I don’t know if it’s the conversation, or what. And that’s something you must know when friends with a Gemini: Don’t deprive them of conversation… Or books… Or magazines. Like, that’s literally the most cruel and unusual punishment they could receive.


The thing about Gemini’s is that they make better friends than they do significant others solely because they tend to be so aloof. They don’t stick around long enough to get bored because they’re always seeking out adventure. (I kid you not, “bored” does not exist in their vocabulary… Hashtag, what is bored?) But that’s not to say that they’re not always there to help close friends in need, especially family, because they are; even if they don’t know how. You see, just because they see all sides of a situation doesn’t necessarily mean they have all the answers. But they’ll do their best.  Which probably stems from their innate curiosity, I mean they are thirsty. For knowledge, that is. Which is ironic considering that they love learning but hate studying. They’re a bit self-entitled in that way, lol.


Being around them, I couldn’t help but notice some of their biggest fears:

–       Facing a depressing truth

–       Complete and utter boredom; conformity

–       The “monotony” that comes with routine and repetition

–       Loss of their “freedom”

–       Not getting their way

–       Being pinned or tied down; or attempted to be controlled by promise or time.

…As I re-read this list, they sound more and more like Hipsters, lol. But that’s neither here nor there.


In all the Geminis I’ve come across, I’ve admired their creativity and independence.  Oh, and the way they vow to never pretend to feel something they don’t feel.  But as much as they pride themselves on not letting the cold world get them down, they’re more fragile than they let on, which is respectable. They’re kind of like a force without a force field. It’s funny because I’ve read somewhere that if Geminis were a drug, they’d be Salvia. You see, the effects can be short-lived… Much like the Gemini’s attention can be fleeting. They are quick to change their mind… And attitude even moreso. They love a little bit of everything, but not too much of one thing… They crave diversity. While many of the intelligent upper echelon are in fact Geminis, they can be a little childlike in the sense that they focus on how people treat them rather than their character. On the other hand, they’re carefree and lighthearted and consequently, have their heads in the clouds making them fun to be around if they actually let you around because you see, its not like they’re indecisive because actually, they always know where they stand… For the moment.


At the end of the day, Gemini’s are a bit low maintenance when it comes to emotions but they have that other side of them that should never be neglected for it demands the depths of conversation and mental stimulation. Furthermore, Gemini’s have a habit of biting off more than they can chew, especially in instances when its time to help just because they never feel like they’re doing enough, which is completely admirable… But whatever the case may be, they journey through life with an unapologetic attitude. They can be a dream come true to you today… And your worst nightmare tomorrow.



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