“And why does it take an influx of white New Yorkers in the south Bronx, in Harlem, in Bed Stuy, in Crown Heights for the facilities to get better?”


Its crazy to think that fifteen years ago, you couldn’t get on the A or D trains without getting jacked. But now that the white people are moving in… You can walk about freely. But that shouldn’t be the case. That shouldn’t be the case at all. This Christopher Columbus syndrome is mad real and its frightening… Frightening as f**k. Not only are redevelopment agencies claiming to have discovered something that has long since been discovered, but they are tryna tamper with the social, economic, and cultural fabric of a neighborhood that has kept neighborhoods unified for decades…


I mean, how can one benefit from a cleaner, safer, and improved neighborhood if they can’t afford it? Simple. They can’t. All it does is stimulate racial tensions and resentment.


And think about it… Here Hipsters are, gravitating towards neighborhoods that have so much soul, so much grit, so much spirit… Yet without even realizing, they are single-handedly destroying it by bringing with them their boutiques, third eyes, over-priced vegan restaurants, chakras, and dog adoption agencies. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy all… Okay, most of these things (minus the lesbian food they serve at vegan restaurants), but its not like I have to live in it. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t live in it. Why? BECAUSE I KNOW DAMN WELL I CAN’T AFFORD IT! Especially not now.


Sure, some may argue that the economic growth for everyone is fairly well-spread, but we’re still shying away from the culture that the majority just lives to destroy by hiking up these taxes that result in the uprooting of minorities and their families. With that being said, it almost seems like the city’s redevelopment agencies and businesses believe these low-income families are “the problem” in which they need to solve for good by permanently displacing them. & Say they are just that – a “problem” – what are they gonna do next? Gentrify their future place of residency and repeat the cycle until they’re out of the US for good? C’mon man.


Like Ayo, fellow writer at Insomnia’s Labyrinth said, it starts with e d u c a t i o n. When you invest in a student’s education, you’re ultimately investing in the city’s economic growth and wouldn’t have to resort to gentrifying these locations. With a more improved education system, the city’s inhabitants will be better prepared to enter the workforce which will bring back funds into the city rather than pushing its long-time residents out.


Its depressingly disheartening just knowing just how desperately these schools need the reparations. Take Detroit, for example. They have high schools that essentially are nothing more than babysitting programs because its reassuring the parents that they aren’t in the streets.


And for the people who live there and have been living there, aren’t educated enough to know that they can leave… Sure, you may have learned how to run away from the cops… But what you should be running away from is the streets. I’m not saying abandon the streets by any means, but until you can give back to the streets you came from… That is crying out for it. And you can’t give back to the neighborhood if you don’t have anything to give. Knowledge is the only weapon you should stay strapped with at all times, ‘cause no man, not even a cop, can take that away from you.



They wanna gentrify something? Gentrify the school system.

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