cancerYou ever need God to hit the ‘refresh’ button on your outlook on life & the people in it? Or maybe you just need to be reminded from time to time that there are still good people in this world? Well, last night… I got what I asked for. In the shape of a Cancer.


I was leaving Los Angeles after having visited my boyfriend and his family for two weeks [after going a month and a half without seeing him] and as you can imagine… I was totally and completely broken up about it. Not to mention, I had to hop on this red eye –cue Big KRIT- and then be given the run around (although I would not have minded) before I was actually able to make it home in my own bed… So, after becoming completely anti …and damn near choking on my tears, sitting in solitude at Gate 42B… I finally boarded & found my aisle seat at 11C, along with my composure, as I waited for my row to fill. Once we were all seated, the Australian kid in the middle pulls out his little travel guide to find out things to do in Washington, DC. The guy in 11A, who I am currently envying because he has the window & I don’t, starts talking to him. Telling him about all the things to do in the nation’s capital. In turn the little rugby player (just kidding, I don’t know if he played rugby… maybe he played cricket) asked if he was from Chocolate City? But like most, he resided in Virginia. Like myself. He went on to say that when we land, it will be his birthday. But he can’t celebrate because he has to head straight to Quantico Marine Base for a funeral service. I couldn’t help but blurt out that Quantico was right up the street from me. The next thing you know… We learn that we live in the same… freaking… neighborhood. I was completely shocked. So what I do? I humbly accept his offer to let his girlfriend drop me home! Or as the song goes, “Act more stupidly.” (Note: I am in no way advising you to try this at home… As a matter of fact… DON’T try this at home… Like, I’m almost positive that was my ninth life. But if you must, be certain to memorize the license plate number like I did!) But on a serious note… It wasn’t stupid. Okay, maybe it was. Like, obviously I was absent for the class on stranger danger… Admittedly… But I was completely present for the lesson in having & restoring faith in mankind… And Cancers.


You see, I once had my heart broken by a Cancer, so I kinda sort of lost a little faith in them (quite extreme, I know, but after a heartbreak, anything associated with that person, you inevitably resent for a hot lil’ minute). Until I remembered, some of my best friends, and favorite relatives are Cancers. Which is attributable to their dedication to duty that is constantly on display, like the man in 11A so effortlessly reminded me. I don’t know if it was because he was once in the military so he felt morally obligated, but I’m gonna rock with its in his Cancerian nature, lol. He really didn’t know me from a can of paint, nor did he owe me anything, especially not on his birthday, and especially not when he has a funeral to attend… But like all Cancers, they’re selfless and sympathetic in the sense that when they aren’t lifting the burden, they believe they’re adding to it. If they can help, they will. Hashtag, look at Gawd.


We can all learn a little something from Cancers: One hand is to help yourself. Your other hand is to help others.

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