Hip Hop has hit a renaissance recently, we have had many artist come out that have the old cats giving their stamp of approval to, we’ve had Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, and Drake come out as the leaders of this new era but there are other rappers that hold their own in the rap game today like Joey Badass, Pusha T, Wale, and A$AP Rocky. You must be thinking yeah we have it good now but there’s a rapper that is known but not recognized largely no matter how good he is. That rapper is Big K.R.I.T.

Search Big K.R.I.T on Google and you’ll most likely find out he’s southern rapper from Mississippi and he has quite a few projects out including his album that was released in 2012, Live From The Underground. What most people don’t know about is that Big K.R.I.T arguably top project in 2013, K.R.I.T also known as for King Remember In Time, and when I say project that includes Mixtape, Album, and EP. Your probably reading this and thinking that I’m crazy.

What’s So Special About Big K.R.I.T?


The question should be what isn’t special about him. What rapper do you know Produces, Raps and sings the hooks of 90% of every song he has made? Probably not alot; most likely you can name people who maybe produce and Rap on their own tracks but K.R.I.T has released 5 major projects and there is only one song that he didn’t produce himself but instead letting the legendary producer 9th Wonder produce it for him.

So what he can produce tracks but can he rap? 

Asking if Big K.R.I.T can rap is like asking if Kobe can shoot. The mixture of lyricism, flow, and southern drawl is refreshing to hip hop heads everywhere. You’re probably wondering, where have I heard a style so similar to that? Well…There’s a rap group from Atlanta that showed us that people from the South can hold their own in the Rap game. That group is called OutKast.


If He’s So Good Where Do You Rank Him?

Let me put this in perspective if there was a Mount Rushmore of the best rappers today Big K.R.I.T would be there with Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, and Drake.If you want another opinion read KillaB’s post about The Ten Best Rapper’s Out RIGHT Now.

How can he be so good but no one knows him.

This is probably one of the biggest anomaly’s I ever seen. Big K.R.I.T makes good music, He songs that can be played on the radio and he is respected in the rap game.What I think Big K.R.I.T needs a major cosigner you know how J.Cole has Jay Z and how Kendrick has Dr.Dre. Say Andre 3000 went out and said Big K.R.I.T is the next to hold down music for the South, I believe that K.R.I.T will stop being slept on.

andre krit








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