16 Things To Do While Your Boyfriend Is Asleep… Or Playing Video Games.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicNow I know we all can’t be Jessica Alba but I know I’m not the only one who feels like there’s nothing worse than being wide awake when your significant other is fast asleep beside you… That, or they’re playing video games. The two are literally synonymous. Now for the guys who think this is strictly for the ladies… Well, you don’t want them hassling you when you’re in the zone, do you? …Didn’t think so! **If you can’t tell, I’m no stranger to either and after quite some time passed… I found a few ways to entertain yourself while they indulge in a very, very deep slumber or very, very intense game of 2k…  (Either way, don’t be a wench & interrupt… You need your time, and so do they—now if you get no time, well… that’s a different monster)

1)   Watch TED talks/documentaries on Netflix.

2)   Do crunches …Hey, its never too early and never too late to get it right & get it tight.

3)   Read a book. Regain your sanity.

4)   Do some laundry. Cleanliness is next to Godliness *Big Boi voice(

5)   Look at photo books of cute animals; ie. On blurb.com they have an entire photo book dedicated to dogs… IN TIES! Or, you can look at mine if you search @illuminadi :-*

6)   Learn/make-up a new dance. Well, maybe this would be better if you had a friend with you… So nvm.

7)   Facebook stalk your grade school teachers.

8)   Re-vamp your resume. Just ‘cause he’s playing doesn’t mean you can’t be productive.

9)   Look up Drake memes. Always a guaranteed laugh.

10)                   Go online shopping [if your budget permits; note: see Tech article about Amazon’s latest deal to make online shopping easier at: http://www.insomniaslabyrinth.com/shopping-amazon-changing-way-shop/ ]

11)                   Skim through oracle cards, or call a free medium hotline… My best friend did it & boy, was it accurate! But then again, who needs an oracle when you have your best friend… Catch up with them, especially if you’ve been a little outta the loop!

12)                   Catch up on new shows that he refuses to watch with you. Hey, it’s a win-win situation!

13)                  Learn a new skill; Youtube is the #1 go-to place to learn some nifty ass DIY project.  That’s I learned how to fringe oversized Diamond crewnecks.

14)                  Take his things and hide them around the place. But you didn’t hear that from me.

15)                  If you’re up for it… And he’s playing alone, maybe take a whack at it and play with him… Just a thought (I have yet to try this so let me know how that goes)

16)                  Fuck it. Play a drinking game… By yourself if you have to… I promise it’s not as depressing as it sounds. Not that I’d know or anything.


Addendum: Currently… I am typing this to the faint tune of my boyfriend’s angelic snore.

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