12 Projects We Are Praying For In 2014

11. Lil Boosie [Project Title: TBA]

So the “free Boosie” hashtag is finally done, what now? I mean it’s been four years since Incarcerated was released. Most fans would like to see his first album released since being out. With photos of being in the studio with Young Jeezy and Big K.R.I.T., only more hype has come from the post-Boosie release. Give me at least a ‘Wipe Me Down’ on the album and I’ll be satisfied.

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  1. Anonymous

    I want to know why Lil Boosie made this list. No one, I repeat NO ONE is waiting for a project by him.

  2. Anonymous

    Why are y’all waiting for a Jay-Z project when his last one was trash?


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