12 Projects We Are Praying For In 2014

 1. Dr. Dre [Project Title: Detox]

So the king of tease probably has made a list like this for the past ten plus years. I mean he gave us a name for the album so long ago, and still hasn’t released it. He even had the nerve to put out singles for the album years ago acting like it was going to be released. I mean it might not ever happen, but can you blame us for wanting it to. Hey, anything is possible today in music. I mean think about it, imagine if Dr. Dre pulled a Beyonce and just released the album out the blue tomorrow. Imagine the madness of trying to get ahold of the project. All I know is, the hype behind Detox might be too great for even a Tupac hologram to live up to, but I would love to see how he tries.

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  1. Anonymous

    I want to know why Lil Boosie made this list. No one, I repeat NO ONE is waiting for a project by him.

  2. Anonymous

    Why are y’all waiting for a Jay-Z project when his last one was trash?


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