12 Projects We Are Praying For In 2014

 3. Lil Wayne a.k.a (Old Wayne) [Project Title: Tha Carter V]

Lil Wayne is one of the greatest rappers of all-time. Actually let me rephrase that, 1999-2009 Lil Wayne is one of the greatest rappers of all-time. Wayne has become of the biggest love/hate relationships that hip-hop has ever seen. With releases like Tha Block is Hot, Tha Carter II, and Tha Carter III show Wayne’s place in rap legends. But lately, Wayne has fallen harder than any legend I’ve seen in a while with releases like Tha Carter IV and shall I say the name that must not be named, I Am Not a Human Being II. But a glimmer of hope of getting old Wayne has come back, with a couple of good verses here and there. Tha Carter V was announced to be released this year around the summer time. Hopefully rumors of Drake giving a helping hand sonically on the album can resurrect the Lil Wayne we know and love.

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  1. Anonymous

    I want to know why Lil Boosie made this list. No one, I repeat NO ONE is waiting for a project by him.

  2. Anonymous

    Why are y’all waiting for a Jay-Z project when his last one was trash?


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